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NLO - Nonlinear Optics


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Nonlinear optics describes the behavior of light in nonlinear media, which feature a nonlinear relationship between the dielectric polarization and the electric field. As a consequence the superposition principle of classical optics is not valid any more, i.e. light beams can interact rather than simply passing through each other. Nonlinear optical effects are exploited for various industrial and scientific applications such as:


  • Ultrafast all-optical signal processing on fs time scales
  • High-speed electro-optic moduators for data transmission
  • Femtosecondlasers and frequency combs
  • Direct-write 3D lithography
  • Linear and nonlinear opical spectroscopy
  • Green laser pointers and many more       



  • Maxwell equations for the nonlinear optics
  • Nonlinear effects overview
  • The nonlinear optical susceptibility, second-harmonic generation
  • The electro-optical effect and the electro-optical modulator, acousto-optical modulator
  • Third order nonlinearities
  • Nonlinear effects in semiconductors
  • Nonlinear effects in optical fibers