Completed PhD Theses
Year Name Thesis Title
2022 Hybrid photonic assemblies based on 3D-printed coupling structures
2022 Functional Photonic Structures Fabricated by 3D Laser Lithography
2021 Novel Photostructurable Polymer for On-Board Optical Interconnects Enabled by Femtosecond Direct Laser Writing
2021 3D Freeform Waveguides in Integrated Optics — Concepts, Modeling, and Applications
2021 Photonic packaging enabled by three-dimensional micro-printing
2013 High-Speed, Low-Power and Mid-IR Silicon Photonics Applications
1994 Simulation kohärent-optischer Übertragungssysteme am Beispiel eines CPFSK-Heterodynsystems
2013 Linear and Nonlinear Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for Next-Generation Optical Networks
2009 Slow-light Photonic Crystal Devices for High-Speed Optical Signal Processing
2004 Periodische Strukturen im Mikrowellenbereich für planare Antennen und zur Modellierung integriert-optischer Komponenten
2009 Tunable Diode-Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for Trace-Gas Measurements with High Sensitivity and Low Drift
2014 Millimeter-Precision Laser Rangefinder Using a Low-Cost Photon Counter
2003 Sub-two cycle TI: Sapphire laser and phase sensitive nonlinear optics
2019 Wireless Terahertz Communications: Optoelectronic Devices and Signal Processing
2013 Single-Laser Multi-Terabit/s Systems
2004 Erzeugung und Charakterisierung metallischer Nanostrukturen auf n-Si(111):H Einkristalloberflächen
2004 Elektrochemische Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Nanostrukturen - Entwicklung ultrascharfer STM-Spitzen als Nanoelektroden
2005 FEW-Cycle Laser Dynamics and Carrier-Envelope Phase Detection
2020 Coherent Terabit/s Communications using Chip-Scale Optical Frequency Comb Sources
2020 Hybrid Silicon Photonic Circuits with Second-Order Optical Nonlinearities
2022 Integrated Optical Sensors on the Si3N4-Organic Hybrid (SiNOH) Platform
2013 Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers and mm-Wave Wireless Links for Converged Access Networks
2007 Nanophotonic devices for linear and nonlinear optical signal processing
2013 Silicon-Organic Hybrid Platform for Photonic Integrated Circuits
2003 Split-step wavelet collocation methods for linear and nonlinear optical wave propagation
2001 Modellierung von Gewinnsättigung und Transporteffekten in Quantenfilmlasern mit Bilanzgleichungen
2017 Silicon-organic hybrid devices for high-speed electro-optic signal processing
2013 Optical Delay Interferometers and their application for self-coherent detection
1993 Verstärkungs- und Rauscheigenschaften von Er3+-Faserverstärkern
2017 Photonic Wire Bonding as a Novel Technology for Photonic Chip Interfaces
2016 Stacked Modulation Formats Enabling Highest-Sensitivity Optical Free-Space Communications
2007 Nonlinear Resonators for All-Optical Signal Processing
2021 Chip-Scale Optical Frequency Comb Sources for Terabit Communications
1994 Heterodynempfänger für binär phasenkodierte optische Signale mit einer Empfindlichkeit dicht an der Schrotrauschgrenze
2014 Active and Passive Plasmonic Devices for Optical Communications
2000 Fehlerkorrigiertes 50-GHz-Messsystem für nichtlineare elektrooptische Ein- und Zweitore
2020 Waveguide-Based Photonic Sensors: From Devices to Robust Systems
  Silicon Photonic Modulators for Low-power Applications
2016 Terabit-Rate Transmission Using Optical Frequency Comb Sources
2013 Optically Powered Highly Energy-efficient Sensor Networks
Thomas Schibli is a Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder Kontinuierliche Modenkopplung von Festkörperlasern
2014 Next-Generation Optical Access Networks - Architectures, Signal Processing and Devices
2013 Real-time Digital Signal Processing for Software-defined Optical Transmitters and Receivers
2019 Optical coherence tomography for characterization of nanocomposite materials
2003 Synchronisation und Aktive Modenkopplung von Festkörperlasern durch Nichtlineare Fabry-Perot Resonatoren
2020 Kerr-Nonlinear Microresonators and Frequency Combs: Modelling, Design, and Applications
2021 Plasmonic-Organic and Silicon-Organic Hybrid Modulators for High-Speed Signal Processing
2011 High-Speed, Low-Power and Mid-IR Silicon Photonics Applications
2010 An Optical Grooming Switch for High-Speed Traffic Aggregation in Time, Space and Wavelength
2004 Ultrashort Pulse Generation in Kerr-Lens Mode Locked Colquiriite Lasers
2008 Pattern Effect Mitigation Techniques for All-Optical Wavelength Converters Based on Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
2020 Electro-Optic Frequency Combs and their Applications in High-Precision Metrology and High-Speed Communications
1989 Rausch- und Sättigungseigenschaften von optischen 1,3-μm-Halbleiter-Wanderwellenverstärkern
2016 Integrated dye lasers for all-polymer photonic Lab-on-a-Chip systems
2017 Silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) electro-optic modulators for high-speed and power-efficient communications
1999 Optischer Gewinn und Alpha-Faktor in InAlGaAs/InP Quantenfilmlasern
1996 Charakterisierung und Verstärkereinsatz von Erbium-dotierten Glasfasern
2020 Silicon-organic hybrid electro-optic modulators for high-speed communication systems