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KIT Alumni


Alumni 2017

Former Students of Institute
Name Type Title Year
Rittershofer, Jonas Bachelor Thesis Electrical Integration of High-Speed Electro-Optic Modulators 2017/06/01
Lauinger, Vincent Bachelor Thesis Modelling and Compensation of Laser Phase Noise Effects in Coherent Communication Systems 2017/04/28
Torres Perales, Orlando Master Thesis Integration Technique of Photonic Wire Bonding and Silicon-Organic Hybrid Devices 2017/06/23
Rikhter, Olga Master Thesis Simulation and Design of Polarizing Beam Splitter and Polarizing Filter for 3D Laser Lithography 2017/05/19
Grammel, Jonas Bachelor Thesis Electrically Tunable Bragg Gratings on Silicon-Organic Hybrid Platform 2017/04/17
Krochin Yepez, Pedro Andrei Master Thesis Replication of 3D freeform structures for photonic integration 2017/03/15
Graß, Rike Master Thesis Waveguide-based On-chip Microfluidic Dye Lasers 2017/03/01
Arshad, Rizwana Master Thesis Characterization and Equalization of High Speed DACs 2017/03/01
Krockenberger, Jonas Master Thesis Optical Metrology Based on Integrated Frequency Comb Sources 2017/02/28

Alumni 2016

Former Students of Institute
Name Type Title Year
Olariu, Tudor Master Thesis Modeling of 3D Optical Waveguides by Transformation Optics 2016/12/07
Rainer, Christiana Bachelor Thesis Fabrication and Characterization of a Multi-Chip Transmitter Module by Photonic Wire Bonding 2016/11/30
Kelemu, Helawae Friew Master Thesis Atmospheric turbulence measurement for free space optical communication links using a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor 2016/11/01
Xu, Yilin Master Thesis Wavequide based Second Harmonic Generation using Nanolaminate Optical Metamaterial 2016/11/02
Pajkovic, Rastko Master Thesis Transmitter Packaging - Seamless Integration of InP Lasers and SOH Modulators 2016/10/19
Shivashankar, Veena Master Thesis Investigation of Linear and Nonlinear Pre-equalization of VCSEL 2016/10/31
Fischer, Jan Christoph Bachelor Thesis Referenced Sensing with Serial Waveguide-based Ring Resonators 2016/11/09
Naber, Carsten Bachelor Thesis Reconfigurable on-chip optics with Photonic Wire Bonds 2016/11/02
Krimmer, Jonas Bachelor Thesis Simulation Based Loss Estimator for Photonic Wire Bond Trajectories 2016/10/28
Maier, Pascal Bachelor Thesis Low Index-Contrast Core Detection on Opaque Substrates 2016/09/30
Reuter, Ingo Master Thesis Three-Dimensional Freeform Structures for Optical Integration 2016/08/02
Li, Zheng Master Thesis THz Plasmonic Modulators 2016/08/01
Wößner, Markus Master Thesis Chip-Integrated Polarization Splitter-Rotator on InP 2016/06/20
Schuch, Peter Master Thesis Coupled Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators 2016/05/16
Hippler, Marc Master Thesis Exosome detection with referenced whispering-gallery mode lasers 2016/05/11
Hammler, Patrick Bachelor Thesis Threshold Estimation for Silicon Nitride-organic Hybrid Spiral Laser 2016/06/28
Weber, Marco Master Thesis Terahertz Communications with Photonics-Based Transmitter and Receiver 2016/04/22
Petek, Kürsat Bachelor Thesis Multi-Chip Integration of VCSEL and Silicon Photonics by Photonic Wire Bonding 2016/05/10
Schnirring, Marcel Bachelor Thesis Electro-Optical Computing Device in Silicon Photonics 2016/04/25
Baytekin, Hakan Master Thesis Self-Heterodyne Detection for Optical Communications 2016/04/04
Segel, Max Master Thesis High-speed free space coherent optical communication under atmospheric turbulence using wavefront sensorless adaptive optics 2016/04/13
Kuhn, Pascal Master Thesis CMOS Integrable Electrically Tunable Bragg Gratings 2016/02/09