Teratronic Signal Processing

The Teratronic Signal Processing Group specializes in pushing the bandwidth limitations of on-chip signal processing into the THz regime by merging advanced electronics, photonics and digital signal processing technologies. The group develops novel on-chip photonic devices, advanced photonic/RF packaging and investigates novel signal processing concepts to synthesis and analysis ultra-broadband electromagnetic waveforms.

Wireless terahertz links can provide high-speed internet access to a dense mesh of small radio cells. We showed the advantages of optoelectronic signal processing in terahertz links in various publications [1-4].

Generation, detection, and processing of electromagnetic waveform is one of the most crucial technical foundations of modern society. Novel applications demand ultra-wide bandwidth and higher carrier frequency electromagnetic waveforms which are difficult to process with state of the art electronic devices. In the Teratronic Signal Processing (TSP) group, we merge advanced electronics, photonics and digital signal processing technologies to enable ultrafast processing of electromagnetic waveforms at terahertz frequencies (0.1 – 10 THz). We explore novel on-chip photonic devices such as broadband electro-optic modulators and fully integrated optical frequency comb generators. Moreover, we examine novel signal processing concepts and systems where we combine massively parallel processing in digital electronic circuits with synthesis and analysis of broadband waveforms in the optical domain [5]. We also focus on the integration and miniaturization of these systems on a chip-level by exploiting multi-chip photonic assembly, and advanced RF packaging techniques. The viability of the devices and concepts are also experimentally demonstrated in applications of high relevance such as high-speed communications [1-4, 6] and metrology [7].

Best Student Paper Competition at ECOC2019:

Optica: Terahertz optoelectronics for future wireless networks

Nature Photonics: Terahertz-to-optical conversion for future THz communication systems

ECOC 2021 Post-Deadline Paper

Nature Photonics: Terahertz Receiver for 6G Wireless Communications