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QH - Quanteneffektbauelemente und Halbleitertechnologie

QH - Quanteneffektbauelemente und Halbleitertechnologie
Type: Lecture (L)
Semester: Summer Term

30.10 IPQ Raum3.42


No lecture course in SS2020! / Die Vorlesung findet im SS2020 nicht statt!


Dr. Martin Walther

SWS: 2
Lv-No.: 2309476



Attention: No lecture course in SS2020!

Achtung: Die Vorlesung findet im SS2020 nicht statt!


Bi-spectral thermal image
Bi-spectral thermal image of a quantum functional infrared detector
quantum cascade laser
Band structure of a quantum cascade laser

Fundamental properties of quantum functional devices

  • Heterostructures and band gap engineering
  • Carrier confinement in 2-, 1- and 0-dim structures

Quantum functional compound semiconductor devices

  • High electron mobility transistors and circuits
  • Quantum well, quantum dot and quantum cascade lasers
  • Infrared detectors
  • Single photon devices for quantum cryptography

Compound semiconductor technology

  • Epitaxy, lithography, etching and deposition

Future trends in microelectronics

  • Scaling limits, Moore‘s law, devices beyond Moore