DSPO - Digital Signal Processing in Optical Communications - with Practical Exercises

Contents and General Information


  • Basic knowledge of optical communication systems. For example by completing one of the modules "Optical Networks and Systems (ONS)", "Optoelectronic Components (OC)", or "Optical Transmitters and Receivers (OTR)".
  • Knowledge of the basics of optical communication technology and digital signal processing is helpful.


  • The module deals with algorithms from digital signal processing that are used in broadband optical communication systems. Practical exercises in which the students implement algorithms independently form an essential part of the module.
  • In the lectures, there will be an introduction to the development of digital coherent transmitters and receivers. Building on this, essential function blocks such as the dispersion compensation, the adaptive equalization of polarization mode dispersion as well as carrier and clock recovery are discussed.
  • In the exercises, these function blocks are to be implemented in software (Matlab, Octave).
  • In addition, individual examples show how digital signal processing algorithms are described in hardware (Hardware Description Language - HDL) and how their complexity scales.


In SS2021, both the lecture and the workshop will be offered as digital courses. 

If you are interested in this course, please register on ILIAS. More information and the registration will be available soon.