Advanced Photonics & Renewable Energy:

OSA-Logo Optics and Photonics Congress

June 21-24, 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany

Spouse's Programme

While the congress takes place, we are providing a cultural spouses' programme, starting each day between 10 AM and 2 PM lasting between 2 and 2.5 hours.


Monday, 21.06. 10:30 AM

Karlsruhe History Walkabout, Duration: about 2 hours

Tuesday, 22.06. 10:00 AM

Staatliche Majolika-Manufaktur, Duration: about 2.5 hours

Wednesday, 23.06. 14:00 PM

Karlsruhe History Walkabout, Duration: about 2 hours

Thursday, 24.06. 10:00 AM

Ramble through Durlach Old Town, Duration: about 2.5 hours

Tour Details

First of all, there is the

Karlsruhe History Walkabout

which takes you through the city-center, answering numerous questions about the history of Karlsruhe from the founding to the present

next, there is the tour at the

Staatliche Majolika-Manufaktur

which takes you through the workshops of the famous Majolika and the museum showing a century of art-ceramic history

last, there is the

Ramble through Durlach Old Town

taking you the center of Durlach, the biggest suburb of Karlsruhe which is at least 600 years older than Karlsruhe itself