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June 21-24, 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany

Region of Karlsruhe

In the vicinity of Karlsruhe there are a lot of historic places to visite.


Map of the Area

Picture of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

The Festspielhaus in Baden-Baden, © Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

First of all, there is the city of Baden-Baden, internationally known for its cultural festivals and events, hosting part of the Nato-Summit in April 2009.

The castle of Heidelberg

Then, there is Heidelberg, known for the first evidence of human life in Europe, featuring a beautiful castle which was founded more than 700 years ago.


Speyer, image courtesy of PQ3

On the other side of the Rhine, there is Speyer, famous for its cathedral in which 8 german emperors and kings were laid to rest.


The Black Forest, image courtesy of Lusitana

To the East of Karlsruhe lies the Black Forest, known for its beautiful landscape and the manufacturing of Coocoo-clocks.


The Cathedral of Strasbourg

Also not far away - but this time in France - there is Strasbourg, which was classified as World Heritage Center by UNESCO in 1988.