Advanced Photonics & Renewable Energy:

OSA-Logo Optics and Photonics Congress

June 21-24, 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany


On Tuesday evening a banquet will be held at the "Center for Art and Media (ZKM), starting at 6pm. Tickets can be purchased at the OSA registration booth.

The ZKM showcases latest art of the Internet area, sculptures of light and allows visitors to plunge into an interactive virtual two and three-dimensional world. The ZKM is said to be the only museum of its kind.

writing robot

The installation "Manifest" shows a robot arm writing random-generated manifests. Whether or not these make sense is left to decide for the viewer


The installation "CloudBrowsing" transforms the internet into a multidimensional experience

Getting there

The ZKM is located just a few blocks west of the Kongresszentrum as you can see on this map of the inner city. To aid you in getting there, we provide the easiest ways: