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M.Sc. Mareike Trappen

Room: 2.23/1
Phone: +49 721 608-41935
mareike trappen@kit eduIto7∂kit edu

Publications of 2018

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Conference Contributions (2)

  • Trappen, M.; Blaicher, M.; Dietrich, P.-I.; Hoose, T.; Xu, Y.; Billah, M. R.; Freude, W.; Koos, C.
    3D-Printed Optics for Wafer-Scale Probing
    44th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC'18), Rome, Italy, September 23-27 , paper Tu4C.2 (2018) [DOI]

  • Koos, C.; Freude, W.; Randel, S.; Dietrich, P.-I.; Blaicher, M.; Xu, Y.; Billah, M. R.; Hoose, T.; Trappen, M.; Hofmann, A.
    Efficient Coupling Interfaces in Photonic Systems Enabled by Printed Freeform Micro-Optics
    20th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON'18), Bucharest, Romania, July 1 – 5 , paper Mo.D5.5 (2018) [DOI] (invited)

Lectures (1)

  • Koos, C.; Dietrich, P.-I.; Billah, M. R.; Hoose, T.; Xu, Y.; Trappen, M.; Nesic, A.; Hofmann, A.
    Photonic Wirebonding - from Lab to Fab
    OptecNet Jahrestagung, Berlin, Germany, June 20 – 21 (2018) (invited)

Curriculum Vitae - Mareike Trappen

Position: Research Associate
Degree: M. Sc. in Physics
Graduation: 2017, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

With this Institute since: January 2018
Present Research Interests: 3D mechano-optical systems