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OFC 2016 winners
Corning Outstanding Student Paper Competition: Stefan Wolf is one of this year’s honorable mention winners at OFC 2016

March, 2016: The OSA Foundation and Corning Inc. announced the winners of the annual Corning Outstanding Student Paper Competition at this year's Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC 2016), the largest conference and exhibit for optical communications and networking. Stefan Wolf was selected as a honorable mention winner for his paper "An Energy-Efficient 252 Gbit/s Silicon-Based IQ-Modulator".

The Corning Outstanding Student Paper Competition recognizes innovation, research excellence and presentation abilities in optical communications. The competition is endowed by a grant from Corning Inc. and administered by the OSA Foundation.

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Figure 1 cladding
Nature Communications: Lasing in silicon–organic hybrid waveguides

March, 2016: Publishing in the well-known journal Nature Communications, IPQ/IMT researchers demonstrate a novel class of infrared lasers that can be fabricated on the silicon photonic platform. The lasers rely on the silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) approach and combine nanophotonic silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguides with dye-doped organic cladding materials that provide optical gain. We show pulsed laser emission at 1310 nm with peak output powers of more than 1 W. The SOH approach offers enormous potential for efficient mass-production of silicon photonic biosensors.

Press release: German, English

Original publication: Nature Communications

erc logo
IPQ/IMT researchers receive funding by the European Research Council for the Commercialization of Research Results

July, 2015: The project „HYPHEN – Hybrid Photonic Engines for Massive Cloud Connectivity“ has been selected for funding in the framework of the Proof-of-Concept-Initiative of the European Research Council (ERC-PoC). HYPHEN aims at evaluating the commercial prospects of compact emitter and receiver units for wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) transmission in data centers.

The team of KIT researchers headed by Christian Koos will receive EUR 150,000 for the innovative potential of their results. The ERC proof-of-concept initiative aims at supporting ERC grantees to bridge the gap between research and the early-stage commercialization.

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