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We are currently looking for ambitious postdocs and PhD candidates with strong theoretical and/or experimental background to join our recently acquired projects!

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Ersatztermine für die ausgefallenen schriftlichen Prüfungen am IPQ

Die Ersatztermine für die ausgefallenen schriftlichen Prüfungen "HLB - Halbleiterbauelemente" (Prof. Koos) und "EMW - Elektromagnetische Wellen" (Prof. Randel) sind bekannt gegeben worden.


08.06.2020 - 10-12 Uhr - "HLB - Halbleiterbauelemente" (Prof. Koos)  - in der Schwarzwaldhalle Karlsruhe, Festplatz
   Achtung! Der Einlass in die Halle erfolgt zeitlich gestaffelt wie folgt:
   Nachname A bis H09:15 Uhr
   Nachname I bis M:   09:30 Uhr 
   Nachname N bis Z:   09.45 Uhr


16.06.2020 - 10-12 Uhr - "EMW - Elektromagnetische Wellen" (Prof. Randel) - in der Schwarzwaldhalle Karlsruhe, Festplatz


Die Studierenden werden gebeten, sich im CAS Campus im WS2019/2020 selbst abzumelden und sich im SS2020 wieder anzumelden. Die Abmeldefrist wurde im WS2019/2020 verlängert. Die Prüfungsanmeldung für SS2020 ist ab sofort möglich.



Mehr Informationen auf der Webpage https://www.etit.kit.edu/2016.php


Reviewer badge 2020
Communications Physics: Philipp Trocha is Reviewer of the Month

March, 2020: Philipp Trocha, PhD candidate at the IPQ, was recognized as Reviewer of the Month March 2020 in Nature Communications Physics for his exceptional contributions to peer review. With the award, the journal highlights the importance of a critical evaluation of new research before its publication.

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ECOC2019 Logo
Best Student Paper Competition at ECOC2019:

September 2019: Tobias Harter and Christoph Füllner, PhD candidates at the IPQ, won the Runner Up Prize in the BestStudent Paper Competition during the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC2019) for their paper "Generalized Kramers-Kronig Receiver for 16QAM Wireless THz Transmission at 110 Gbit/s". Their work demonstrates a greatly simplified coherent THz receiver, which can be used for high-speed wireless communications.

Optica: Terahertz optoelectronics for future wireless networks

August 2019: Scientists at IPQ/IMT in collaboration with Fraunhofer institutes have shown a wireless THz transmission link that exploits optoelectronic processing both for signal generation at the transmitter and for coherent detection at the receiver. Using a high-speed photoconductor and a photonic local oscillator for optoelectronic down-conversion, the team has demonstrated wireless transmission at up to 30 Gbit/s over more than 50 m as well as wideband tunability of the carrier frequency between 0.03 THz and 0.34 THz. The paper appeared in the current issue of Optica.

Original publication: Optica

KIT press release: German


Preisträger Innovationspreis
IPQ/IMT team receives Second Prize at the competition for the Berthold-Leibinger Innovation Prize

July 2018: The IPQ/IMT project team "DELPHI - 3D Laser Lithography for Photonic Integration" will receive the Second Prize of the renowned Berthold-Leibinger Innovation Prize. The DELPHI project group, headed by Christian Koos, was dedicated to industrial adoption of femtosecond laser lithography as a tool for 3D additive nanofabrication in integrated photonics and has led to foundation of the start-up company Vanguard Photonics GmbH. The project builds upon multi-photon lithography for fabrication of single-mode photonic waveguides and free-form micro-optical elements for efficient coupling of optical microchips. The award ceremony will take place on September 21, 2018 in Ditzingen, Germany.

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Video Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize 2018