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Best Poster Prize Awarded to Matthias Blaicher

January, 2017: Matthias Blaicher is awarded the best poster prize at the international workshop "Merging Micro- and Nano-Optics: 3D Printing for Advanced and Functional Optics", which took place in Bad Honnef, Germany. The prize was awarded for his poster on "Multi-Chip Integration by Photonic Wire Bonding".


ADVA Best Paper Award
ADVA best student paper award granted to Aleksandar Nesic

September, 2016: Aleksandar Nesic was awarded the best student paper award at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC 2016) in Düsseldorf, Germany, for his paper "Hybrid 2D/3D Photonic Integration for Non-Planar Circuit Topologies".

ECOC is one of the two major conferences in the field of optical communications. Aleksandar Nesic and co-workers not only made it into the oral session, but were awarded the 1st prize in a fierce competition among estimated 300 PhD submissions. The ADVA Best Student Paper Award recognizes remarkable research results and an outstanding presentation. The award-giving jury consisted of the Conference General Chairs, the Technical Program Chairs, and a representative of the sponsor ADVA Optical Networking.

Tailored Probe Tips for Atomic Force Microscopes
Tailored Probe Tips for Atomic Force Microscopes

August, 2016. IPQ/IMT/APH researchers demonstrate a novel kind of custom-made probe tips for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The tips are fabricated by direct-write 3D lithography, building upon experience gained from research in photonic integration. This approach offers great potential for wafer-scale fabrication of custom AFM probes. The work has been published as a featured article in Applied Physics Letters (APL) and is advertised on the title page.

KIT Press release: German, English

Media response: AIP Publishing, nanotechweb.org, phys.org, EurekAlert!, Elektronik

Original publication: Applied Physics Letters

photo detector
Silicon-plasmonic internal-photoemission detector for 40  Gbit/s data reception

July, 2016. Publication in Optica: IPQ/IMT researchers demonstrate a novel class of high-speed and ultra-compact plasmonic photodetectors on the silicon platform operating at a wavelength of 1550 nm. The detection principle relies on internal photoemission at metal-silicon interfaces, enabling reception of optical data at rates up to 40 Gbit/s while the device footprint is below 1 µm². The new silicon-plasmonic photodetectors could lead to ultra-compact chip-to-chip interconnects operating at high data rates.

Press release: German, English

Media response: LaserFocusWorld, Elektronik Praxis, phys.org, ScienceDaily, ScienceNewsline, IP-Insider.de, Elektronik, CHEMIE.DE, c't

Original publication: Optica