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We are always looking for motivated and talented individuals to join us.

If you are interested in one of the open Bachelor/Master theses topics or have your own topic idea, please contact the respective colleague mentioned in the posting or the IPQ office.

Bachelor and Master Students by Professor Christian Koos
Name Function Supervisor
Baca Montero, Erick Ramon Master Student Kieninger, C.
Bauer, Daniel Master Student Trocha, P.
Burger, Pascal Master Student Trappen, M.
Chen, Zhaowei Master Student Singer, S.
Ehsan, M. Raquis Master Student Marin, P.
Hampel, Lukas Master Student Dietrich, P.
Kotz, Alexander Student Assistant Harter, T.
Merboldt, Marco Student Assistant Harter, T.
Petrick, Simon Master Student Kohler, D.
Sherifaj, Alban Student Assistant Marin, P.


Bachelor and Master Students by Professor Sebastian Randel
Name Function Supervisor
Schmid, Lucas Bachelor Student Füllner, C.