Seminar of the Institute 2007

Prof. J. Leuthold; Prof. W. Freude

Location: NTI, Bldg. 30.10, Seminar-room 3.42
Time: Wednesday, 10:00

December 19, 2007: "Four-Wave-Mixing in SOA"
Akhmet Tussupov (Zwischenvortrag Studienarbeit)

"Implementation of an Optical Multiformat Transmitter"

Alexandra Ludwig (Zwischenvortrag Diplomarbeit)
December 05, 2007: "Remote-Optically Powered and Controlled Video Camera"
Ruiwen Yang (Zwischenvortrag Master Thesis)
November 28, 2007: "Review ECOC 2007"
G. Böttger
November 21, 2007: "Polarization Controller for Optical Communication Systems"
Siegwart Bogatscher (Zwischenvortrag Studienarbeit)
November 14, 2007: "Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) For Optical Long Haul Communications: Synchronization"
Noman Ahmed (Final Presentation Master Thesis)
November 07, 2007: "Design and Implementation of Encapsulating Rule Management Functions in an Expert System for GMPLS Networks"
Vaishnavi Jeyaram (Final Presentation Master Thesis)
October 31, 2007: "Implementation of a Micro-Bench based Bit Rate Transparent oQAM Receiver’’
Andrey Efremov
(Final Presentation Master Thesis)
October 04, 2007
14:00 (Thursday)
Building 30.10:
"Highlights of Recent Research Results of the CUDOS Research Center, Australia"
Dr. Chris Walsh, University of Sydney
September 26, 2007:
"Einfluss von Ungenauigkeiten auf die Eigenschaften von langsamem Licht in einem photonischen Kristall"
Endvortrag ( Diplomarbeit)
Irene Netsch
September 12, 2007:
"Optische Energie- und Datenübertragung"
Endvortrag (Studienarbeit)
Christoph Heine

"Endgültige Probevorträge - ECOC -"
September 05, 2007:
"Einfluss von Ungenauigkeiten auf die Eigenschaften von langsamem Licht in einem photonischen Kristall"
2. Zwischenvortrag ( Diplomarbeit)
Irene Netsch

"Optically Powered Video Camera Link"
Moritz Röger

"Pattern Effect Removal Technique for Semiconductor Optical Amplifier-Based Wavelength Conversion"
A. Marculescu
August 29, 2007:
"Regenerative Properties of Interferometric Cross-Gain and Cross-Phase Modulation DPSK Wavelength Converters"
J. Wang
August 27, 2007
14:00 (Monday):
"Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) for Optical Long Haul
Communications: Synchronization"
Noman Ahmed
August 22, 2007
"Integrated Optical Ti:LiNbO_3 Ring Resonator for Rotation Rate Sensing"
B.Sc. Christoph Vannahme, Universität Paderborn Abstract:
- Design, fabrication, packaging, and characterization of a high finesse Ti:LiNbO_3 integrated optical ring resonator
- Rotation rate measurement principle and first results

"Review OFC"
P. Vorreau
August 15, 2007: "Review OFC"
T. Vallaitis

"Studienarbeit: Study and Simulation of an Optical M-ary Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Transmitter"
Weiting Kuo
July 25, 2007: (no talk)
July 06, 2007:
Vortrag Dr. Vahid Ta'eed
CUDOS; Centre for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices in Optics Systems, School of Physics, University of Sydney, Australia

Chalcogenide glasses are amorphous materials based on the chalcogen elements ( e.g. sulphur and selenium). Ultra-fast, strong Kerr nonlinearity (up to 500 times that of silica), low nonlinear loss and photosensitive properties make these glasses attractive as an avenue for achieving chip based all-optical signal processing devices. At CUDOS, we have demonstrated a number of such all-optical functions based on low-loss, small mode-field area rib-waveguides made of As2S3 chalcogenide glass. This talk will overview our work in:

* High quality (>30-dB rejection, 5 nm bandwidth and apodized) Bragg grating inscription
* Cross-phase modulation based wavelength conversion of system signals over 25 nm
* An optical pulse regenerator with integrated Bragg grating filters, and
* Four-wave mixing based optical time demultiplexing of a 160 Gb/s data signal.

June 27, 2007: "Studienarbeit: Study and Simulation of an Optical M-ary Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Transmitter"
Weiting Kuo
June 26, 2007, 11:30: "Frequency Resolved Electro Absorption Gating (FREAG)-Technique"
Douglas Reid von Southern Photonics.
June 20, 2007: "Review OFC"
R. Bonk

"Optische Energie- und Datenübertragung"

Zwischenvortrag (Studienarbeit) von Christoph Heine
June 13, 2007: "An introduction to GMPLS and Network Monitoring"
Master-Thesis at Alcatel-Lucent by Vaishnavi Jeyaram

"Einfluss von Ungenauigkeiten auf die Eigenschaften von langsamem Licht in einem photonischen Kristall"
I. Netsch
June 06, 2007: kein Seminar
May 30, 2007: "Review OFC"
J. Brosi

"Review OFC"
A. Marculescu
May 24, 2007: "100 Gigabit Ethernet"
Dr. Marcus Duelk
Bell Labs / Alcatel-Lucent, New Jersey, USA
Building 30.10 (NTI), Room 3.39, 11:00
May 23, 2007: "Parametrische Fluoreszenz in periodisch gepolten Ti:LiNbO3-Wellenleitern"
Dipl.-Ing. Eugen Schal, Universität Paderborn
- Theoretische Grundlagen der nichtlinearen Optik
- Herstellung von Fluoreszenz in periodisch gepolten Ti:LiNbO3-Wellenleitern
- Präsentation der gemessenen Fluoreszenz in Abhängigkeit von verschiedenen Parametern
May 16, 2007: "Review OFC"
J. Wang
May 09, 2007: "Impairment Constraint Based Routing in Ultra Long Haul Optical Networks employing 2R regeneration"
Dr. S. Sygletos

"Short reviews OFC 2007, Anaheim, USA"

Dr. G. Böttger

May 02, 2007: "MEMS"
Dipl. Phys. H.-J. Quenzer
Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology ISIT (Itzehoe)
April 25, 2007: kein Seminar
April 18, 2007: "Performance evaluation issues in 2R regenerative networks"
Dr. S. Sygletos
February 21, 2007:


Prof. W. Freude
February 07, 2007: "ITG-Workshop"
J. Wang
January 31, 2007: "Analysis of optimal filtering technique for SOA based wavelength conversion (Masterarbeit, Endvortrag)"
Yang Jiao

"All-Optical Wavelength Conversion based on a single Semiconductor Optical Amplifier assisted by a Pulse Reformatting Optical Filter (Masterarbeit, Endvortrag)"
Jingshi Li
January 10, 2007: "Photonik-Konferenz, Indien"
A. Maitra


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